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By Austin Cowan
Assistant Web Content Manager

Welcome to Grins! Photo by Austin Cowan

This part of the maximum San Marcos experience will definitely put a smile on your face. Grins Restaurant has been cooking up some of the best cuisine in town for over 38 years now. So, it is a pleasure to add Grins Restaurant to our list of must do things in San Marcos, Texas. College students and locals to the area come here for a variety of reasons. To find out why Grins is so great read below.

Why Locals Come Here

Grins Restaurant has been in San Marcos for over thirty-eight years now. Locals in the area are very loyal to this restaurant because many have grown up eating at Grins. So, goodwill is one reason why Grins is a popular spot to eat. However, without making good food Grins would never have won over the love of the people. One good thing to try here is the Texas Sized Onion Rings. The rings have enough crunch to where they do not fall apart when people pick them but are soft enough that they are pleasant to eat, they are also the largest in town. The fajitas are served on a sizzling platter and are obviously a fan favorite because the kitchen is always cooking some up (for anyone unsure of what they want to order the fajitas are a safe bet).

The quality of the food is what makes locals in the area come here, but the atmosphere of the restaurant definitely helps. Many residents in San Marcos have grown very annoyed by college students in the area because we can be loud at times. Normally locals try to avoid college spots, but Grins has found a way to appease both crowds. Grins has rambling rooms. The rambling rooms at Grins divide the sitting area here into many small sections. Fake walls and changes in elevation help customers feel like they are sitting in a small restaurant when in reality they are not. The tree covered balcony is also a great place to not only study but enjoy nature while eating some food. Trees surround this restaurant which gives the illusion that this restaurant is deep into the woods when in reality it is near the center of town.

Why College Kids Come Here

No matter who you are, Grins is the perfect place for anyone to enjoy! Photo by Austin Cowan

College students love Grins Restaurant because they have have done a great job at attracting this crowd. The first good decision Grins has made was stationing themselves across street from Texas State campus. This strategic move makes it easy for both on-campus and off-campus students to go to Grins. The second thing attracting college students here is that Grins has the best happy hour in San Marcos. The happy hour at Grins was voted the best in San Marcos. Happy hour (lunch time until evening Monday-Friday) is always packed, so be prepared for a crowd when you come. The margaritas are good and customers can choose to order theirs strawberry, sangria or normal.

Alcohol is not the only thing people can get for cheap here as long as one has the Hooked app installed on their phone. The Hooked app allows people to get coupons to restaurants around them and Grins normally has a deal on the app. Whenever my friends and I are deciding on where we would like to eat we almost always go somewhere offering a deal off the Hooked app. The number of times I have received two dollars off a burger at Grins thanks to the Hooked app probably outnumbers how much I have actually saved on my food.

Photo by Austin Cowan.

The burgers at Grins are my personal favorite section on the menu. The burgers are large and the patties are thick and juicy. My favorite thing on the menu is the jalapeño popper, which includes jalapeños, cream cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. This burger is delicious but one thing I must mention is that, unlike competitors in the area, Grins puts the patty in the center of the burger. Most restaurants put the patty on the bun and pile up the toppings but Grins puts the patty in the middle. This allows customers to eat larger burgers without having to worry about the toppings on their burger from squishing out from in between the buns (Grins, this was a clever decision on your part). One more thing about Grins is that people can order food online and pick it up from the restaurant while never leaving their car. Click here to see how you can order Grins online. People order online, then drive to the restaurant when the food is ready for pick up!

Grins is one of the oldest, most loved restaurants in San Marcos. The food is great and the staff jump through hoops in order to make people happy. Whether you are a college student, or a local in San Marcos, Grins has something for everyone. In order to find out what is for you, stop by Grins for a bite to eat.

Featured Image by Austin Cowan

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