Meatless Monday: Beyond Meat Beefy Crumbles Review

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By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

When it comes to doing what is best for the environment and your body, a lot of nutritionists and health experts are saying one thing: go meatless. Whether that is to go meatless for a day, for a month, or for the rest of your life; importance is a limited meat intake in order to maximize health. Although there is plenty of information that may convince some people to go vegetarian or vegan, it can be difficult for other individuals to think about giving up their favorite foods that they were raised eating. Tacos and specific meat oriented pastas were some of the items that I thought I would have a hard time giving up when I went vegan, but luckily, the substitutes are just as good if not better. One of my favorites is the Beyond Meat beefy crumbles that make your taco and pasta dishes taste the same if not better. You know… except without the environmental damage. 

Beyond Meat beefy crumbles makes nachos just as enjoyable as the ones made with real beef. Photo by Brittney Hemmands.

The beefy crumbles contain about 13 grams of protein while also containing no soy or gluten. It is 100% plant based with pea protein as the main ingredient. There is no cholesterol, no saturated fat, and no antibiotics in this product, which is completely astonishing for something that tastes this good. It is also super easy and quick to cook compared to regular meat. With real beef, you would have to thaw it and wait for it to completely cook before eating it. Beyond meat cuts that time in a half, as you only need to take it out of the package and cook it in a pan for a few seconds before the product is ready. For those family members that find meatless meals a bit harder to eat, you can mix these crumbles in any of your favorite meals and they won’t be able to tell the difference.

Beyond Meat also makes burgers and chicken strips that are just as delicious, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite dishes. The price range is a bit higher since most of their products are $5.99, but keep an eye out and you can find discounts and deals. I even found them on sale for $1 each at HEB! Either way, $5.99 is just a dollar or so more than regular ground beef, except this time, you can eat it guilt free. Whether you are just going meatless for a day or plan on going full on vegetarian or vegan, plant protein has never looked or tasted better. Try looking around the meatless section at your local grocery store, it is definitely worth a try.

Featured image by Brittney Hemmands.

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