Why Adopt and Volunteer?

By Jashel Negron
Blog Content Contributor

As the weather gets colder and “ruffer” things get harder for stray animals. Yes, there are shelters who take in these stray animals, but according to dosomething.org, “Each year, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year because shelters are too full and there aren’t enough adoptive homes.” As the holiday season comes closer, a lot of people receive pets as gifts, and these pets then end up in shelters as soon as they become an inconvenience.

Most pets end up in shelters because of owners giving up on them. It is important to know whether you can support your animal(s) emotionally, physically and financially. It is sad to see pets getting attached to their owners and then left because the owner could not fully take care of their pet.

Nathan, an American and English bulldog, happy to be out of his kennel and playing in the grass. Photo by Jashel Negron.

However, if you are thinking about owning a pet you should consider adopting from shelters instead of pet stores who get their animals from puppy mills. Many of these animals, if not adopted by a certain date, will end up being killed. Therefore, adopting an animal will save a life, and I can’t think of any better feeling. Volunteering at the animal shelter has made me realize that these animals have the kindest hearts. Many of these animals are honestly just looking for their forever home.

I have been volunteering at the City of San Marcos Animal Shelter, and I have realized that there are so many tasks that need to be done in order to keep these animals healthy and happy, and no amount of help will ever be turned away. Just something as simple as taking a dog out of its kennel for 30 minutes to play with them will absolutely brighten their day. I encourage anyone who loves animals to volunteer.

Featured image via San Marcos Animal Shelter.


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