Riding the Pine: Episode One

By Andrew Zimmel
Sports Journalist
Riding the Pine Host

First let me say, if you’re reading this, you’re doing yourself a favor. This is the first of many sports blog posts being attached to podcasts. Let me start by saying that the podcast is 24 minutes and 42 seconds long and it takes 30 minutes to drive to Austin, so there is no reason for someone not to be able to listen to the entirety of this pod. This podcast is something you won’t get from any other source. This is prime stuff man, the best stuff. The host, Andrew Zimmel, and Co-Pilot, Brenden Snow, break down this week’s biggest games and how they affect you, the beloved listener.

With that being said, the main conversation with basketball player, Nijal Pearson, starts at the 8:56 mark. We’re talking about how the season is looking for the Bobcats, and where Pearson sees himself in comparison to the other players in the Sun Belt Conference and why the Sun Belt puts the Bobcats so low every single damn year. FOOTNOTE: The regular season for Sun Belt teams doesn’t matter anymore, with every single team making it into the postseason Sun Belt Conference Tournament. Which is lame if you’re a fan of good basketball, and cool if you think you’re crappy team can get hot. Remember though, no regular season game matters because in the playoffs anyone can get knocked out.

Most important is the projections for this upcoming week:

Lakers (5-5) vs. Celtics (8-2)- Wednesday Nov 8th
Celtics, this isn’t even a game….

Georgia State vs. Texas State- Saturday Nov. 11th
35- 20 Georgia State

Oklahoma vs. TCU- Saturday Nov. 11th
27-20 TCU (but Baker Mayfield plays like a Heisman contender)

New Orleans (5-2) vs. Buffolo
Buffalo by -7

Minnesota (6-2) vs. Washington (4-4)
Minnesota by -7.5

Episode II: Attack of the Podcast comes out November 13th. Tune in next week for more greatness!

Featured illustration by Erin Garrigan.

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