Time Management Combats Stress

By Shannon Sampson
News Reporter

According to the Journal of Counseling and Development, college students are expected to undergo high levels of stress. Managing time, along with personal finances, is correlated with the stress that college students feel.

One of the top stressors amongst students is time management, especially with students who are also employed, and keeping up with school work is stressful without also worrying about bills. Finding the delicate balance between school and work is crucial to get through the semester alive.

“I feel like I never have enough hours in the day to go to school, or work enough to pay rent,” said Dance major Nikki Schulte, “I have a tough time finding the correct balance between having enough time to be successful in school and paying bills.”

Another stressor among students is the stress that comes with deadlines. Poor planning can make it very easy to miss deadlines. Studies show that procrastination can also lead to poor work outcomes.

“I get stressed out that I am not going to make deadlines to assignments or that I have so much to do I won’t be able to finish everything,” said German major Emma Park, “This hasn’t happened yet, but I am always on my toes.”

Stress is difficult to avoid, and the sooner you find ways to combat stress, the better your semester will go. If time or deadlines is a stressor, then invest in a planner. If stressed about making it to class on time, then arrange time more wisely. These are only a few strategies to combat stress.

“I sleep, a lot. That’s pretty much all I do,” said mass communication major Justin Beck, “Pretty much the best ways to unwind is either to sleep or get together with friends to hang out.”

Beck also advises to remain close to your friends during stressful times.

“Keep your friends close. They will be your number one go to,” Beck said, “If you have not made any friends yet, I would beseech you to go out and make some because they will be your rock getting through school.”

For any students struggling with stress management, look into the Counseling Center inside the LBJ student center, or visit their website.

Featured image by Shannon Sampson.

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