Let’s Not Forget Compassion

By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

2017 has been a big year for political, racial, and environmental issues. Donald Trump’s presidency, police brutality, and natural disasters has caused many of us to panic and look for an answer to solve it all. People are angry and while conservatives and liberals have never really been able to find peace between their ideals, these conflicts are bigger than simple disagreements. Now, the issue is one of rights that we were supposed to be entitled to when we were born. The issue is one of a selfishness that allows a powerful nation to overlook those who are hurting and need help. When we can look at someone struggling and turn a blind eye to it, that my friends, is not just an opinion matter. This is a matter of compassion.

When we have refused to offer aid to those who need it, we must look at our country and wonder why. Why is it that after 300 years of racial oppression that we choose to overlook the horrid realities of law enforcement? Why is it that our country shames those who immigrate to our country and do the jobs we as Americans do not want to do when our country was built from immigrants? These are questions we should not have to ask, yet we have to deal with this reality every day. When we continue to dehumanize entire races, we are desensitizing generations of individuals. This means generations and generations of children growing up believing that other people do not matter.

In order to see some change, stop raising your kids to believe that they should not see color. This will only make them uncomfortable when race related tensions happen and make it harder from them to understand inequality. Instead, teach to them to have compassion for others and that regardless of color, we are all individuals. Individuals that deserve rights and deserve to protest and get support when they are not getting justice. With all the hurt that is going on worldwide, we need to not forget to help. We need to not forget compassion.

Featured illustration by Lily Connor.

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