Adopt Don’t Shop: Meet Nathan

By Jashel Negron
Blog Content Contributor

Name: Nathan
Age: 2 years
Breed: English and American Bulldog
Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball (or anything round)

Nathan loves being silly and rolling around in the grass. Photo by Jashel Negron.

During my time spent with Nathan, I can honestly say that he is simply the best dog ever. He loves to play fetch (even though he might need a little work bringing it back to you). He loves treats and just might tackle you down if he sees you have them. And like all dogs, he loves to be pet and cuddled!

He is perfect for someone who loves to go hiking or be outdoors. I have already started training him with treats and he seems to be an amazing learner. He seems like he would love a friend to play with. He is neutered and potty trained, so that is a big plus!

For more information on Nathan, click here. If you want to see him in person visit the San Marcos Animal Shelter on 750 River Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666.

Featured image by Jashel Negron.

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