Riding the Pine: Episode Two

By Andrew Zimmel
Sports Reporter
Riding the Pine Host
Voted Least Sexy Jumpshot

Thank you everyone that listened to episode one (if you haven’t heard it yet, or just want to listen again, it is on the KTSW blog and SoundCloud). Episode two is even better.

KTSW Sports’s Andrew Zimmel and Brenden Snow talk about the Texas State Men’s Basketball team loss and the dominate performance of the Women’s team (1:50) against Texas Tech, which shouldn’t have surprised anyone seeing that Tech didn’t have much coming into this season. Taeler Deer played the best game of her college career hanging 44 points on the Red Raiders. The odds of her continuing this level of success is going to be hard to sustain, but this should be a good first step in the direction of winning a lot of games for the Bobcats this season.

Texas State lost to Georgia State Saturday (5:00), and Damian Williams had a turnover. So for all the faithful Bench Warmers, take a shot. The progression of the team (6:00) is something that should make fans feel better. There hasn’t been a player or coach on this team that hasn’t said the phrase “One Year Away.” We get it. The team kind of sucked this year. It can’t get much worse for the Bobcats or their fans. I do think this team has a bounce back year, but the continual “looking forward” is getting annoying.

We also have our Conversation of the Week with UFC and MMA fighter Pete Spratt (10:00) where he talks about what it meant to be a fighter and how he got to where he is today and some of his rivials in the ring that he couldn’t get enough of.

Then come MLB MVP conversations (21:30) about who will win/won the Rookie of the Year and the American League MVP race and worst Audio of the Week (24:51).

Brenden’s Picks this week (25:10) are here, after I went 3-2 last week (what we learned: never bet on the Buffalo Bills).

Giancarlos Stanton (+150) vs. Paul Goldschmidt (+300) for NL MVP

Paul Goldschmidt

Michigan at #8 Wisconsin (-10)

Wisconsin (23-20)

UCLA at #11 USC (-15)

#11 USC (38-28) 66o/u

New England(-5.5) at Oakland

New England

Philadelphia (-3) at Dallas


Featured illustration by Erin Garrigan.

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