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todayNovember 16, 2017 5

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By Jashel Negron
Blog Content Contributor

A little while ago, I was on my phone wondering about the business, Favor. If you don’t know what this app does, then all you need to know is that the name pretty much speaks for itself. Basically you have personal assistants right at your fingertips. You can ask people to do pretty much anything, with the only limitation being that you have to choose stores that the app has for you. So, for example, the app can see that you’re in San Marcos and gives you a list of places to choose from to get a “favor” done for you. You can get someone to pick up your dry cleaning, someone to go to HEB and pick up some ice cream, or go to IHOP to pick up a delicious stack of pancakes.

I wanted to know what it would be like to work for a company like this, so I went to their website and instantly applied. The first thing I noticed about this is that the application process is extremely… simple. Just put in your name, email, phone, address, and your driver’s license and social security number and that’s literally it. Once you fill out these things you can sign up for orientation instantly. That’s it. You can even sign up the one day, and start working the next (which is what I did). When you go to orientation they will let you know all about Favor and how everything works, and while the orientation is happening they’ll also be doing your background check, which is the only thing you need to pass and then you’re completely good to go.


  1. It’s really easy to earn a little extra cash if you’re really in need of it.
  2. You can work literally any time. You can work on schedule, or you can just clock in at any time of the day if you want.
  3. You don’t even have to stay in your area. If you want to work in Austin, you totally can! And in my opinion you can definitely make so much more money there, because more people depend on Favor.


  1. If you don’t work on schedule, you won’t get paid as much. When you’re on schedule, Favor guarantees you at least $9 an hour, so if you’re not on schedule you’re really only working off of tips and the 35 percent of the delivery rate that Favor charges.
  2. Sometimes people suck at tipping. This is an issue with any job that includes tips. Sometimes you can feel like you did the most to make this person’s favor the absolute best for them, and still only get paid the $2 tip that is required by Favor.
  3. They don’t reimburse you for gas.

Overall, I love working with Favor. It’s an extremely simple job that anyone can do for easy money, if you have the time. I would recommend it to any college student who needs some side cash (just working for four hours can give you enough money to pay for some groceries).

P.S. If you’re considering applying, put me down as a referral!

Featured image by Jashel Negron.


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