To My Love, All My Love

By DeMornay Harper
Blog Content Contributor

My sweet love
Open your eyes
And let me in
Let me see through you all the way to the back of your skull
Let me see the deepest darkest curves of your wonderful
I want it all
But do you?
Do you want to rip me open and eat me whole?
Do you want to dive deep and venture to parts of me that I’ve never even seen?
Because I do
I see so much in you that it scares me
It scares me to crack it open
Crack us open
Will it be magic or tar?
I don’t know but I have faith.
It’s The Human Experience.
Without risks what is this life?
It is weak and monotonous
It is unfulfilling and grey.
I want all of the colors.
You give me bustling reds and bursting yellows.
I’ll always risk the darkness for even just a moment of vibrancy.

Featured image by DeMornay Harper.

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