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By Claire Hansen
Blog Content Contributor

Whether you’re a hipster or a fashionista, it’s true that everyone (especially at the college age) occasionally gets that urge to do something crazy and out of the ordinary. But to do crazy things, you’ve got to have crazy clothes to do them in, too. For some people, those crazy things are crazy clothes. With San Marcos being as unique as it is, I feel like many people here could benefit from knowing where to find the wackiest buys. Personally, I dig crazy clothes, and over the years I’ve come across a few gems that distribute only the most eye-catching items, hidden from the general public eye. These aren’t shops like American Apparel or Urban Outfitters, but rather unique vendors that either craft their own products or gather them from the kookiest brands out there. The selection of clothes like this and opportunities to wear such things are much more abundant for women, but take a look below at some of the most eclectic destinations that will satisfy all your fashion desires, no matter what type of person you are!

Dolls Kill

My personal favorite, Dolls Kill, is a guilty pleasure for any girl who loves those super out-there pieces that might only get worn once a year, but are still worth the buy, even to just admire in your closet. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this shop, but ever since I did, I’ve found myself spending hours browsing through pages and pages of the most interesting clothing I’ve ever seen and saving millions of items to my favorites, simply because most of them are so unique I can hardly justify actually purchasing them. They have great sales, however, and are always adding new items to their store! They feature a series of different “dolls” that all have their own names and embody a unique, extravagant style, and you can shop through their huge selection that way by narrowing the choices down to the look you’re going for most. Unfortunately for men, though, the only offer women’s clothing and accessories (but not to say men can’t shop for gifts for their crazy girl!)


Etsy offers a whole world of vintage, handcrafted items, and one of their greatest selections is definitely clothing! You can get caught in a DIY daze so easily on this website, dreaming up a renovated life embellished with items from so many unique shops. A few shops that I’ve found to be especially weird are Love Signs Vintage, Fluff Shopp, Golden Ponies, and Tie Dye All Day. The downside? Items on Etsy tend to be more expensive, since they are typically not mass produced, and they can also take a little longer to arrive if they are made-to-order, so plan ahead if you’re shopping for a certain occasion!

Thrift Shops

Just like Macklemore taught us, thrift shops are the place you go to “pop some tags.” They are perfect for that last-minute ugly Christmas sweater or makeshift Halloween costume, but also just as appropriate to find those hidden gems that couldn’t find a place in their previous owner’s closet. But, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! It can be fun thinking of the interesting path a unique item may have taken to get there. To the new owner, it’s a mystery, and now they have a new story to create with it. It’s also

Who wouldn’t love prints like these? This is an up-close view of my latest buy from Little Black Diamond. Photo by Claire Hansen.

practically guaranteed that you will find great deals on super sweet vintage items that you won’t see anywhere else! Luckily for us San Martians, there’s a few great thrift shops around here, like Vagabond, Plato’s Closet and even Goodwill.

Other Crazy Online Emporiums

The glorious internet is where you’ll find a never-ending supply of all the weirdest clothing items your brain could dream up. I could go on and on for days about all the unique destinations I’ve come across and the extravagant things they offer, but for now I’ll only list the ones I find to be especially out of the ordinary and/or that I have personally shopped at myself and can confirm are the real deal. Consider checking out Black Milk, Little Black Diamond, Deep Legs, and O-Mighty. Happy shopping!

Featured image by Claire Hansen.

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