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Thank You, KTSW

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor I’ve tried really hard the past two semesters never to write in first-person, but this article is going to be different. Why, you ask? Well, I think it would be a shame for me to not mention in my last article that this is my last article. Not for the sake of anyone reading, but for the sake of myself. Working for KTSW has […]

todayMay 11, 2018 22


In-N-Out vs. Whataburger

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor For as long as any of us can remember, Whataburger has dominated the Texas fast food industry. Texans pay homage to this place as if it’s church, and I don’t blame them! Nothing hits the spot like a good, quick burger. Recently, though, San Marcos has had a new player move into town. And it’s not just any Wendy’s or McDonald’s -- it’s California’s […]

todayMay 1, 2018 541

Fortress Festival 2018 Fort Worth, TX


Fortress Fest Returns For a Fun-Filled Weekend

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor The one and only Fortress Festival is returning to Fort Worth, Texas for its second edition on April 28-29, 2018. Named the “Can’t Miss Music Festival of 2018” by Harper’s BAZAAR, this event will feature an outstanding lineup of over 20 bands including: Father John Misty, Chromeo, Courtney Barnett, Rapsody and more. If you haven’t heard of this trendy festival, Fortress Fest made its […]

todayApril 25, 2018 18


Kingdom Nightclub: Austin’s Underground Shrine

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor Hidden in an alleyway off Fifth Street is a one-of-a-kind nightclub called Kingdom. If it weren’t for the small sign out front, you seriously wouldn’t have any idea it was there. However, the thumping bass that comes from inside draws crowds from all over the country. If electronic music is your jive and you haven’t checked this place out, here’s a rundown of everything […]

todayApril 20, 2018 152


Get Ready for JMBLYA

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor Attention, folks -- good music and good times are headed our way. JMBLYA music festival will be going down May 5 at Circuit of the Americas in Austin! Celebrate the end of the semester and kick off an awesome summer with a stacked lineup of hip-hop and rap artists, including J. Cole, Migos, Cardi B, Kevin Gates, Playboi Carti and more. Unlike other Texas […]

todayApril 16, 2018 59


Best Protein Sources for Vegans

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor One of the biggest myths about going vegan is that it’s impossible to get enough protein (1). While not having an 16-ounce ribeye on your plate every night will impact the amount of protein you normally consume, a well-balanced diet of plant-based foods can provide you with all of the nutrients you need-- no calorie counting or supplements necessary (2). However, navigating the world […]

todayApril 6, 2018 46


Read This Before You Get a Dog

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor Don’t get me wrong, the number of precious pups around this town give me dog envy, too, but when you’re in college, there are a few extra factors to be addressed before making the decision to adopt a companion. Too often do young people spontaneously bring home a pet that they are not prepared to own. It’s important to know exactly what having a […]

todayMarch 27, 2018 26


Ten Totally Awesome Women of Instagram

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor As another International Women’s Day nears, Instagram is as hot as ever with everyone and their mother’s bikini shots “on fleek." With likes dictating worth, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important about women. So, in recognition of this day, I would like to shine a light on 10 badass women of Instagram who I think are absolutely killing it with their […]

todayMarch 8, 2018 32


How to Smoothie Like a Boss

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor Yup, it’s another foodie post from yours truly -- but who ever gets tired of hearing about new culinary ideas to incorporate into your life? Not me, at least. In this article, I’m going to break down the anatomy of a smoothie and teach you how to make one. Why smoothies, you ask? They’re healthy, quick, can be eaten on the go and, best […]

todayMarch 6, 2018 45

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