Adopt Don’t Shop: Meet Grace

By Jashel Negron
Blog Content Contributor

Name: Grace
Age: 2-years-old
Breed: Hound & Labrador Retriever Mix
Favorite Activity: Following her owner and showing off her smiles

When I first met Grace, I was stunned to see that she was still even in the shelter. She has the most heartwarming presence and I could tell all she wanted was to have a forever home and someone to bond with. Grace as an absolute sweetheart. She doesn’t play much, but she is excited to go on walks and receive belly rubs, like all dogs.

Look at this smile! Photo via San Marcos Animal Shelter.

She does get a little grumpy when she sees other dogs, but I’m sure a little training and a nice friend will help her get over that. She is house trained, and spayed as well.

Grace is another one of those dogs that is a Guardian Angel! This means that all of her adoption fees, are taken care of. She is already ready to be taken to forever home, she just needs a loving family to belong to!

Reminder that during the month of December, all dogs are only $20 to adopt! This includes all of their shots, being spayed/neutered, and being microchipped! If Grace isn’t the one for you, I can assure you that one of these animals at the shelter will be. Stop by to see the animals on 750 River Road, San Marcos, TX 78666.

Featured illustration by Erin Garrigan.

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