Five Things Every Student Can Relate To

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By Brittney Hemmands
Blog Content Contributor

When first enrolling in college, it may be easy to assume how student life will go for you. Getting to make your own schedule, being away from home, and interacting with new people are just some of the freedoms and benefits you think about when picking where you want to go. Experiences vary from student to student, but there a few things that every college student can relate to. Whether you just started classes or are a few years in, here are some statements that may describe your experience just as well as they describe mine.

Going to class just to be confused later.

There’s no better feeling like showing up to class on time and feeling prepared for the day’s lesson. After picking out the best seat and whipping out your new notebook, you may feel ready to start the class. That’s until your professor introduces himself and starts the lesson a little too fast. By half of the class, majority of students have confused looks on their faces and everyone looks overwhelmed. Can you say mentally exhausting?

Buying food instead of cooking.

Our class, work, and/or extra curricular schedules take up majority of our time. While the ideal relationship with food would be to cook it every day, some of us just don’t have the time and some just lazy. I get that buying fast food is more expensive than eating in, but who has time for that? A drive thru is a student’s best friend.

Having a lot of homework, but laying down instead.

Many college students that work, do extracurricular activities, or play sports find it difficult to focus on doing multiple homework assignments at a time because of how exhausted they are. Even if you are not doing one of the above, you can still find yourself drained from back to back classes. There comes a point where we may stress about how much homework we have to do, so we end up not doing any of it instead. Some may call it procrastination, but nothing is worse than trying to do something stressed.

Accepting a bad grade before even taking the exam/quiz.

With multiple classes that each give out syllabi, it’s easy to mix up your quizzes and even exams. Even if you do remember, there are those rare occasions where you can study for hours and still not get it. This is when many students decide to “Take an L”, otherwise known as taking a loss. Sometimes, when the lowest quiz/exam is dropped and your mind is blank, you have no other choice but to guess your way through it. We have all been there.

Calculating how to make a certain amount of money last. 

Besides the school related issues that majority of us go through, we also go through other struggles that make our days drag on. Whether you work for your money or are given money from those who take care of you, you’re expected to know how budget. Budgeting isn’t generally taught in classes, so we’re forced to figure it out once we’re on our own. This is why we may find ourselves spending a biweekly check in just a couple of days and figuring out how to make it until the next time we get paid. If there’s one thing college students are good at, it’s the ability make the little money we have left last for a long time.

Featured illustration by Asia Daggs.

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