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How to Turducken (but not actually)

By Gena SysavathWeb Content Contributor I have a problem. For some reason, when I get an idea, I always decide to do it. It’s a real inconvenience for both me and my friends. Mostly to my friends. Let me give you a rundown on how the Turducken came to be. Basically, I watch a lot of food channels on YouTube and ended up watching a professional competitive eater eat a […]

todayDecember 6, 2020 1072


Foodie Essentials

By Jashel Negron Blog Content Contributor As college students, eating healthy may come as a challenge. We’re constantly being tempted to buy cheap foods like Ramen Noodles, or fast food that save our wallet from heartache and give us a quick, delicious meal (sometimes). Even on campus we can easily find Chick-Fil-A or some Taco Bell right down the road. Fortunately, I have found a way to avoid these temptations and […]

todayJanuary 24, 2018 13


Five Things Every Student Can Relate To

By Brittney Hemmands Blog Content Contributor When first enrolling in college, it may be easy to assume how student life will go for you. Getting to make your own schedule, being away from home, and interacting with new people are just some of the freedoms and benefits you think about when picking where you want to go. Experiences vary from student to student, but there a few things that every […]

todayJanuary 18, 2018 14

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Surviving the Holidays as a Bad Cook

By DeMornay Harper Blog Content Contributor The holidays are coming up and we all know what that means… food, food and more food. We eat some our most cherished dishes over the holidays. I know I’m looking forward to my grandma’s food (it’s always a little burned because she’s a forgetful woman but somehow that makes it even better). However, in order to celebrate with our friends before we hit […]

todayNovember 22, 2017 24


Be Your Own Cook

By Brent Ramirez Blog Content Contributor Food is great. That’s a fact. Since the dawn of man, food has been one of the human essentials, a necessity to sustain life on Earth. However, over the years of our existence, food has become exponentially more. Food has become money. Food has become culture. It’s now a hobby, a passion and an art, among many other things. Despite this evolution, the purpose […]

todayApril 18, 2017 12

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The Ups and Downs of Living Alone

By Janessa Rutiaga Blog Content Contributor It seems like everyone I talk to, in my immediate age group, is completely shocked at the idea of me living alone. When people ask me about it, I think they’re usually surprised when I tell them that I love it. I think everyone should experience living alone, and if you ever want to get married, then you definitely should. This is my first […]

todaySeptember 28, 2016 52

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Fighting the Freshman 15

By Janessa Rutiaga Blog Content Contributor A freshman’s biggest fear: the freshman 15; The (sometimes) unavoidable 15 pounds of weight gain that comes from new found freedom, stress and Gumby’s midnight pizza. In high school, you have a set breakfast and lunch, plus regulated physical activity at least once a day. Coming into college, you have none of that. It’s your own responsibility to make sure you eat your veggies […]

todaySeptember 16, 2016 22

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