Riding the Pine: Episode Six

By Andrew Zimmel
Riding the Pine Host and Sad Viking

NFC Championship Game, Texas State Basketball and when is it okay to wear your loser team’s jersey?


We start the show with talk over the government shutdowns and my car breaking down (1:25) right before the Viking’s Miracle (the greatest moment of my adult life). Texas State Men and Women’s Basketball both lost this past weekend (2:48).

Riding the Pine dives into how the Men’s Basketball team was hyped up before their loss to the Ragin Cajuns Saturday (4:02), and the way their offense has run the second half of the season (6:07). We also break down the way Alex Peacock has been playing on the team (8:15) and what we expect to see in the postseason (11:30).

Women’s Basketball and the way Taeler Deer and Toshua Leavitt have been playing are discussed at (13:31) and which team you should be gambling on (14:38). We also break down the lie that is “all they do is shoot threes” (14:57).

In National News: Tony Parker losing his starting spot to a second year scrub (18:35). The NFC Championship Game and the beat down the Vikings had (23:26). The AFC Championship Game with the Patriots looking to get their sixth ring for Brady and Belichick (28:01).


Give me the Celtics over the Clippers. The Clippers are trash this season and the Celtics need to start playing better to keep that One Seed. I expect Kyrie and Tatum to out play Lou Williams and Austin Rivers.

I like the Thunder in this game. The Wizards have been dysfunctional all season and I like the way the Thunder Big Three have finally figured out how to play together. Also, watch out for Steven Adams.

Virginia @ Duke
I like Duke in the individual game this Saturday, but give me Virginia winning the ACC. I love the way the Cavaliers have played up till this point.

This is dumb. Warriors.

This is stupid. Give me the NFC (I guess).

Finally, when is it okay to wear the jersey of the team that has already lost (39:40) and my Houston shots (40:33).

Featured illustration by Erin Garrigan.

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