Miya Folick: Give It To Me Review

By Iliana Ramirez
Music Journalist

Artist: Miya Folick
Album: Give It To Me EP
Label: Terrible/Interscope Records
Release Date: November 3, 2017
Website: http://miyafolick.com/

Miya Folick is a young singer-songwriter who stands out in comparison to other emerging artists. With her distinctive vocals and relatable lyrics, Folick easily grabs the attention of indie rock fans after just one listen. The Los Angeles based singer-songwriter is back with one of her most honest and most emotional releases yet, Give It To Me. In just 21 minutes, Folick is able to pull listeners in with the beauty of her voice and folk-rock sounds on her sophomore EP.

The first track on Give It To Me, “Trouble Adjusting,” is the most relatable on the EP as the young artist delivers emotional lyrics of growing up and questioning adulthood. On this five song EP, Folick shows off her full vocal range. She is more aggressive than she has ever been with her vocals, which is one of the most prominent elements on Give It To Me. In each song, Folick draws listeners in with the softer side of her voice, later picking up with a louder and more aggressive side of her voice. This is seen in the second track, “Aging,” and the EP title track, “Give It To Me.” On these two tracks, Folick gives listeners goosebumps by wailing her personal lyrics, which is a departure from her previous releases as she usually focuses on more soothing and harmonic vocals.

On the closing track of Give It To Me, Folick puts her own spin on Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock”. This EP is a reflection of how much Joni Mitchell is an influence to Folick, but on this concluding track, she takes the inspiration from Mitchell and makes this song all her own by adding moody guitar riffs and her signature intense vocals.

Give It To Me leaves the vocals of Folick lingering in the mind of listeners. Miya Folick is an artist who is shaping the sound of a generation by simply being raw and honest through her music. Folick is an artist which is one to watch because of how original she is. Despite having released several singles and a previous EP, Folick has yet to release a full-length album, which shows that the young artist is just getting started on her musical journey. Everything that Folick has previously released has been so well received by indie rock fans and music lovers in general. With this being said, the singer-songwriter is on a path to success. Give It To Me is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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