Riding the Pine: Episode 10

By Andrew Zimmel
Host and Self-Proclaimed President of Texas State Sports

This is episode 10 of Riding the Pine, which means there are now more episodes of this podcast than planets in our solar system, which is something that no podcast from KTSW Sports can say. This week, we break down the NBA All-Star game and how this could have been the best game since the early 2000s. We also talk about the rest of All-Star Weekend and the events, dunks and follies that came with it.

In Texas State news, Brenden Snow and I talk about how Texas State men’s basketball has fallen off the face of the earth and why coming back from this might be more difficult than anything else the program has faced recently. On the women’s side, Toshua Leavitt did not go with the team to Louisiana with a lot of mystery surrounding Coach Z’s decision.

We also discuss Texas State Baseball’s (cold) opening weekend and how well softball and ace pitcher Randi Rupp have been playing. We discuss when and where the team will put her statue after the senior graduates this spring.

You can look for Riding the Pine on the KTSW Blog and on the Texas State Student Media SoundCloud account. Listen to Bobcat Radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for more Texas State sports talk from 11 a.m. to noon.

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