Hovvdy: Cranberry Review

By Clayton Chaney
Local Music Journalist

Artist: Hovvdy
Album: Cranberry
Record Label: Double Double Whammy
Release Date: February 9, 2018
Website: https://hovvdy.bandcamp.com/

Hovvdy, pronounced “Howdy,” was formed in 2014 by Austin natives Will Taylor and Charlie Martin. Their album, titled “Cranberry,” is there second full length album to be released in the past two years. In this album, the band produces a unique, lo-fi indie rock sound that is sure to mellow you out, even on the most stressful of days. There’s something about slow melodic guitar chords and dreamy-like lyrics echoing on top that can really put you into touch with your feelings, and that’s OK! In today’s world where emotions and feelings are not addressed properly; authentic music can help us work through our emotional roller coasters that we’re not supposed to talk about.

Hovvdy takes you on a solid 12 track journey that will send you exploring to the far corners of your mind. Their slow, western sounds and simplistic approach showcases how less can definitely be more. The second track off the album, “In the Sun,” radiates senses of relaxed sunny days and how those days can feel like some of the most real moments we have. Skip to the fourth song, “Petal” and you’ll find yourself reminiscing on your youthful innocence. With lyrics like “talk with old friends” and “I had a feeling of who you used to be,” you notice how nostalgia can be such a powerful feeling. They wrap up the album with the final track, “Swing,” which is a more optimistic and hopeful tune that leaves you feeling like somehow, after all this madness we experience, everything’s going to be alright.

These are just a couple of highlights. The album as a whole is what completes the experience and allows you to better understand the artist and their message. Hovvdy makes a beautiful, quality, and authentic sound that makes you feel and connect with people; which is what music and art is all about. You can find their new album on Spotify, or on their Band Camp account! Also be sure to keep up with them as they set off on their spring tour!

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