Stroll Through Heartbreak Paradise with The Cuckoos

By Eric McKeefer
Local Music Journalist

Austin based psych-funk outfit The Cuckoos are released their first single of 2018, “Heartbreak Paradise,” on February 14. The Valentine’s Day release of their new single will be followed by a self-produced music video of “Heartbreak Paradise” that is set to drop on March 1. This will be the first single released from their upcoming full length album that is on track be released later this year.

“I think this song will show people a new direction for the band,” said Kenneth Frost, the lead singer and primary songwriter of The Cuckoos.

The band recorded “Heartbreak Paradise” October 23 and 24 last year with Frenchie Smith at The Bubble in southwest Austin. During their time in studio, The Cuckoos explored new ways of capturing their sound.

Photo by Eric McKeefer
Kenneth Frost posing for instagram after building the set for the filming of “Heartbreak Paradise.” Photo by Eric McKeefer.

“We recorded the song [one] track at a time rather than live like we usually do,” Frost said. “I think working with Frenchie was a fresh experience and he really pulled a lot out of us.”

Hoping that it will be a good change of pace, Frost said that “this single will contrast well with the other songs we are planning to record” for their upcoming album. With this new single, The Cuckoos have expanded their sound to include a radio-pop and electronic feel that radiates an infectious dancing rhythm over the listener.

When writing “Heartbreak Paradise”, Frost said he was influenced by past experiences, “learning how to move on after a serious break-up, or not wanting to.” Furthermore, Frost says that the heartbreak paradise for him symbolizes “a fictional place for people who have fallen in and out of love” and this paradise acts as “a temporary fix” for those who need love but are not ready to move on. “Heartbreak Paradise” and other future releases will be available online through Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and most other online streaming services. Music videos and and live performances can be found on The Cuckoo’s VEVO channel.

Featured image by Erich Bouccan.


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