Concert Review: Weaves

By Ruby Longoria
SELRES_d9d906db-8119-40e5-931b-810b4d8f69aeMusic JournalistSELRES_d9d906db-8119-40e5-931b-810b4d8f69ae

On tour for their sophomore release Wide Open, the band Weaves put on a performance of tight and bouncy rock tunes for the groovy hipster punks. They took to the stage at Sidewinder Bar in Austin, gliding into place for a quick and rhythmic tuning session. The crowd began to show their excitement for the band as they broke out into “#53,” the first track off the new album – with no introduction.

They slide right into the next song “Slicked” – a cheeky, noise-rock tune that bites with a crunch. The melodic vocals of Jasmyne Burke, who bellows: “I cayyn’t! I caaaayyyaan’t,” along with Morgan Waters’ plucky, jagged guitar got the crowd dancing and bobbing.

Unlike on the album, the song doesn’t come to a full stop. Instead Burke continues to wail off into a sing-song nature. She sing-asks the crowd: “How’s everybody doin’ tonight?” as she and the band quickly adjust their instruments, yet again breaking right into the next song, “Coo Coo” – a crowd favorite from their earlier self-titled release.

jasmyne burke.jpg
Jasmyne Burkes, lead singer of Weaves. Photo by Ruby Longoria.

The art rock appeal was clear in this last song – slightly more unhinged, more playful compared to their new material which, while still hard-hitting, is more pop, polished, and controlled. This was especially true in their performance of “Law and Panda.” Big and loud arena rock meets punchy punk rock; the energy of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, but with the attitude of Karen-O.

At one point, during their performance of “Shithole” – Burke struggled to remember the words and someone in the crowd playfully called out, “You wrote it!” True to their momentum though, the band continued on. They laughed it off and snapped right back into place.

Weaves delivered on a performance that matched the energy of their new album: tight, finely tuned, and loud – while also staying true to their quirky, art rock beginnings.

Featured image by Ruby Longoria.

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