San Marcos Animal Shelter Expands Efforts With Austin Pets Alive

By Joyana Richer
News Reporter

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter has expanded partnership with the rescue organization Austin Pets Alive! to help save all of the cats who have not been adopted.

Lauren Volpe, Animal Shelter Community Outreach Coordinator for the San Marcos shelter says they have been partnering with Austin Pets Alive! for the last few years. They have not guaranteed the capability of saving all unadoptable animals. However, just recently they said they will rescue all of the cats deemed unadoptable.

“Austin Pets Alive! has been a great partner with us in the past, but their generous offer provides a whole new level of resources and commitment to place these cats in loving homes,” said Neighborhood Services Director Jeff Caldwell.

Austin Pets Alive! started as a grassroots endeavor. Since 2008 they have saved more than 40,000 dogs and cats. The program is the first to introduce a no-kill shelter at this level and hopes that no-kill becomes a nationwide initiative. Last year they saved 203 animals by transferring them from San Marcos Animal Shelter to their no-kill shelter.

While Austin Pets Alive! is only currently able to guarantee rescue of unadoptable cats, they have on some occasions taken in dogs as well.

“When you adopt or an animal goes to rescue it not only saves the life if that animal it saves the life of the animal waiting for that kennel,” said Ms. Volpe. “So it kind of becomes a snowball effect and becomes a really progressive life saving endeavor.”

Other no-kill shelters, like PAWS in Kyle, are helping to volunteer. PAWS is the San Marcos Regional Shelter’s biggest transfer partner. Last year they took in 434 animals from the San Marcos Regional Shelter. Ms. Volpe says that they have a really wide network for rescuers, but are looking to expand their services even more.

“The combination of rescue partners, foster homes, and donations are vital to the success of increasing live outcomes,” said Animal Services Manager Kara Montiel.

You can find out more about the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter here, and Austin Pets Alive! here.

Featured image by Joyana Richer.

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