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By Allison Johnson
Assistant Web Content Manager

You do not need everyone and their sister on your social media accounts. I’m talking about the guy you met at the bar, your buddy from physics and possibly even your Dad, too. We’re in a day and age where people confuse real life with social media. Double tapping someone’s Instagram photo can mean plenty of things to someone. I don’t know why, but people, especially girls love getting brave on social media. I’m not even going to give examples of what girls do on social media to be petty, because we already know girls tend to have fascinations with others’ online presence. Yikes.

So yes, you don’t have to accept that follow request from Haley from chemistry. Now moving on to having guys on social media. I don’t care what anyone says, guys are just as jealous as girls. They will post things and say things just to get a rise out of you. Feel free to delete Bryan from biology off Snapchat. Y’all aren’t together anyway. HA! Like really, what are you getting from seeing their Saturday’s are for the boys shenanigans on a Wednesday afternoon? Pissed off? Yeah. To an extent, you should know it’s allowing you to hang on to someone who is not part of your real life anymore, just a presence on social media. (I promise you he won’t notice he’s been deleted or care).

Now, a big part of me says it’s just an app, but think. If it’s just an app, why do people take it so seriously? Your experience with having certain people on social media will ultimately decide if it’s a big deal or not, but a social media cleanse could be good for you if you use it a lot. I am an avid Twitter user. Now after taking some advice from JZ, AKA Jon Zmikly, I remembered it’s about who you follow. Sometime in 2016 I made another Twitter, and followed near 1,000 news stations, political figures, bloggers, producers, writers, filmmakers or anything they could pertain to my future career. I’ve made connections with some of these people. I only follow close friends and leaders from Texas State. It’s made my timeline a bit worthier.

I honestly feel like it’s impossible to do a Facebook cleanse. It’s all dirt. People are hateful and love to air their dirty laundry on it. Honestly, it’s the absolute beta of all social media platforms. As I am writing this, two of my social media accounts are deactivated. A break is good, try it. I’ve knocked out two articles in three hours, simply because I’m not taking the time to read a Twitter thread or the time to stalk Joe Keery’s and my other fake boyfriend’s Instagram. Now, I don’t know when my return will be. It could be next week to promote this article, next month or never. Who knows. Maybe being a transient user will be a thing, or I’ll just stick to one platform, and only follow important people, like Barack Obama and Millie Bobby Brown.

Featured image by Justin Manor.

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