Johnny Goth: Day Dreams EP Review

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By Cheyenne Young
Music Journalist

Artist: Johnny Goth
Album: Day Dreams EP
Label: Johnny Goth
Release Date: March 1, 2018

Somewhat of a mystery in the industry, Johnny Goth has been self-producing music for years now. Playing, quite literally, to the beat of his own drum, and is a refreshing voice in an expanding scene. The Californian artist released his first single “Some Kind of Goth” in 2016, released two full length albums October and Far Away in 2017, and has just recently released his Day Dreams EP in 2018. Sticking to his style, Day Dreams is lo-fi indie/dream pop record containing five equally expressive tracks. Cool, calm and collected, this EP has a very relaxed and melancholic aura about it which makes you want to sway along to every song. His muffled vocals and melodic fingerpicking accompanied by a vibrant bass make for a chilled out tune and a satisfying experience.

The opening track on the EP “Beginnings” is about a young relationship in which the two people involved don’t know where the relationship will end up, but they are happy to have someone to waste time with. This idea is evident when he sings, “It’s days like this that make me want to be alone with you in the room watching every minute pass us by” as he finds comfort in a simple love story. The second track “Waves” is focused on changing and not defining yourself by the person you once were as he talks about growing and learning from your mistakes. The third track “Drowning” is an emotionally dense song about depression, suicide, and battling one’s own mind. The song is incredibly powerful and empathetic as he sings, “I’m just tryin’ not to drown/ but it gets hard with each new day/ with each new demon in this place.” His lyricism is powerful and relatable, drawing in an impassioned audience.

Johnny Goth’s bedroom pop sound has a certain simplicity and mellow aesthetic that keeps you absolutely entranced track to track. While the discography as a whole is not necessarily diverse, his lo-fi style is enthralling and never feels repetitive. The poetic lyrics of each song are undoubtedly the strongest factor in his music.Throughout each album his tired vocals and sweet melodies bleed with emotion and create a dream-like atmosphere. Be warned, once you start listening you may never want to stop.

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