Senators Skip Impeachment Appeal

By Aaron J. Derton
News Director

Students have begun a sit-in in the LBJ Student Center after yesterday’s special Student Government session failed hold a vote on whether or not to impeach Student Body President Connor Clegg.

Clegg made an appearance at the start of the night, but left when it became clear the student senate had not reached a quorum, the minimum amount of legislators required to hold a vote. Quorum fell short by 19 senators and one house member.

Sen. Claudia Gasponi says the sit-in will continue until Clegg is removed from office or resigns.

Photo by KTSW News.

“You swear an oath, you have an obligation to fulfill your duty,” said Jaquelyn Merritt, vice president of the student body.

She says while some members did have legitimate reasons for not attending the special session, Merritt “wants to get all of this done and over with, and proceed into normal business,” but would not say whether she supported Clegg’s removal from office.

“I’m frustrated. I’m not even upset as much as I am frustrated,” said Emmy Orioha, president of the Pan African Action Committee. “Students have gone through every single avenue that they’ve told us to to make this happen, we’ve played by every single rule, and then they don’t show up on the day.”

Senator Elijah Miller, a former presidential contender, took center stage late Wednesday evening to inform onlookers that absent senators could face punishment if they have had a previous absence from student government meetings.

“We’re going to reach out to the Chief Justice and see that he can act against those senators that decided not to come,” said Miller.

President-elect Brooklyn Boreing, who was present at the special session, will be sworn in on April 19.

Clegg could not be reached for comment.

Featured image by KTSW News.

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