Earth Day in Photos

By Caitlin Ramsey

In honor of Earth Day I ventured out to the San Marcos River and immersed myself into nature. With my camera to my eye I captured some of the scenery I had the pleasure of spending my time in. This scenery includes areas around Stokes Park, which is just one of the many great outdoor hangout spots that San Marcos has to offer. Being surrounded by plants and flowing water is a truly refreshing experience that everyone should have this Earth Day!

I have added color to my photos in order to create a dream-like state throughout them. The area in which I was taking photos truly resembles scenery that you would see in a fairy tale and I believe adding color just enhances that feeling. I enjoy creating high saturated photos with lots of colors because it creates a different feeling within the viewer and more than likely evokes joy. This is also a way I choose to creatively spice up my photographs and in turn it helps me get my feelings out to other people.

All photos by Caitlin Ramsey.


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