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todayApril 26, 2018 12

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By Rikki Yanez
Blog Content Contributor

We are at the age where we tend to focus on ourselves and our own problems only, which can cause us to act selfishly at times. We tend to forget about the people that surround us such as your family, friends, coworkers, or even people we may not know. As a society we forget that doing random acts of kindness can not only help you view situations from different perspectives, but it can also make someone’s day. There are many ways to to be kind to others without having to spend money or do something big in order for it to matter.

As a college student often times we forget to keep in touch with our family and friends,which can cause them to feel ignored or neglected. Something that you can do to prevent that is to keep in contact with them at least once a week or so. We know how busy the college student life can be, so doing the smallest amount of reaching out to friends and family can go a long way. Whether it’s a call, text, or grabbing lunch together, a small conversation of just the two of you catching up will not only make them feel better, but it can also give you the chance to vent or escape from having to deal with so much at one time.

For those who have a job while going to school you’ll know the struggle of how hard it can be. Whether it’s a good or bad environment, it can have an effect on your mood. Chances are most college jobs aren’t always great, so college students like myself will not want to work more hours than need be. At times there will be instances when a coworker might need a day off or need their shift covered. Often when this happens, I think of myself first, and how it will throw off my plans if I have to work more than I’m scheduled. However, realizing how selfish that sounds makes me feel uncomfortable with myself since I know I can help out my coworkers in times of need, as well as have a positive attitude towards them even if the environment is a bad one.

Being kind to people not only changes the way you view life but it also means a lot for those who are in need. which one small gesture can show that there is hope in this world and not everything is so horrible. Don’t just be kind to family, friends, or coworkers, but also to people you don’t know. Things like holding the door open for someone, talking to a person that might not have friends, giving food or spare change to the homeless, assisting someone in the grocery store when they can’t find an item, or letting someone merge into the lane you’re in are small acts that can help someone feel better. We get caught up in our own lives and forget that we live in a world that can be cruel. Spreading kindness will mean the most for those who are going through a tough moment in their lives.

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