In Black + Blue: Hunny with Made Violent

By Brooke Adams
Multimedia Director

The band Hunny took to the road with openers Made Violent and Fringe and made their way to Austin, Texas for a sold out show at the Mohawk indoor stage on April 6. The pairing of these bands and their fanbases made for quite eclectic crowd; Hunny’s poppier sound resonates with a slightly different audience than Made Violent’s pop punk vibes. However, the show went off without a hitch.

Made Violent got the crowd pumped up and energized before Hunny. As a fan of Made Violent, I was happy to finally get to hear the live experience. They were just as fiery and fuzzy as I had always imagined. When Hunny came on, it was clear the crowd was there for them. The energy of the room was undeniable and continually being fed by Hunny. Lead singer Jason Yergers jumped straight into the middle of the packed crowd, giving one girl a bloody nose, but turly maxing out the crowd response. It only went up from there in craziness, making for a truly memorable show.

All photos by Brooke Adams.

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