Have All The Blogs Been Written?

By Allison L Johnson
Assistant Web Content Manager

It’s been a great year at KTSW. I could not be any more grateful for my experience here at the station. First, I wouldn’t even have this experience if it wasn’t for Holly. Holly was the web content manager when I got hired as a blog content contributor. I turned in an essay titled, “The Importance of South Park” for a sample of my writing. I would say I’m sort of an entertainment buff, especially with comedy. I’m glad Holly thought my shtick would make good addition to the blog.

Writing for KTSW has been a privilege. If you’ve ever attended the first all-staff meeting of a new semester, you know that Dan makes it clear that you were chosen out of many, many people to be here. He’s right, which is why we should use such a supportive resource to the best of our ability. This means never putting in less than 110 percent here. As a writer for KTSW, I hope my pieces have served the Texas State and San Marcos community well. Becoming a blog content contributor made me vulnerable, but also a stronger writer. I’ve shared personal stories about me on the blog just so our audience could relate and really feel connected with someone.

Through Twitter and my published work at KTSW, I’ve been able to network and share my writing with amazing bloggers, such as Uncle Chaps at Barstool Sports. If it wasn’t for him my article, Barstool Sports: Not Only For The Boys, would not have received over 800 hits in just hours. It’s amazing to think that someone at Barstool kind of knows who I am, and it’s singlehandedly because of the platform KTSW gave me.

If you’re thinking about applying for KTSW, do it. Even if you’re not a mass communication major. If you have any kind of people skills, or want to develop some, consider promotions, community relations or sales. Want to write? Check out web content. Are you super creative? Check out graphics or multimedia. Into producing? Production of course. There’s so much for everyone.

So what was the final takeaway with KTSW? I learned so much from Jourdan in the production department. I mean, she trusted me to do the weekly syndication each week. I was excited to throw that on my resume. Also, I have improved my writing skills. Editing? Well, I still do my best proofreading after hitting send. I learned so much from my coworkers. I learned what a true mentor was. To Asia, thank you for showing me what it’s like to be a leader. This young woman trusted me enough to delegate more responsibility to me as an assistant. She truly motivated me for the intrinsic rewards of the station.

This is it for me at KTSW simply because it’s time to take my talents to an internship and more hands-on classes. I’m very scared but excited for the next school year. I’ll be interning and getting through my last year of school so I can finally get a big girl job. We’ll see where life takes me. Hopefully somewhere nice, maybe in the same city as Joe Keery or Tyler Seguin? Who knows. Best of luck to all my KTSW family and future KTSW alum. Peace out.

Featured image courtesy of Allison Johnson.


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