Overcoming Anxiety

By LaCoya Bell
Blog Content Contributor

Anxiety is something that is common with most people. I feel like everyone has experienced anxiety at least once in their lifetime. Some people may experience it more than other and some people experience it every day. I experience anxiety at times myself, so I know how stressful it can be. I have a couple of tips that may help with anxiety.

My first tip would be to talk to someone. No matter how bad the situation may seem it always help to talk to someone. I remember at one point my anxiety was bad for a straight week or two. When I started talking to my friends it helped calm me down a lot. It was very comforting having people to talk to and be around who understood what I was going through. It might seem cliché, but it will help. My next tip would be to take some time for yourself. Take your mind off whatever you’re thinking about and do something that you enjoy. By focusing your time on something else you’re less focused on whatever was stressing you out. Personally, I’ll color those adult coloring books or I’ll find a good motivational/devotional book.

A jar with glitter, water and food coloring mixed together.
This is a glitter jar that one of my friends made. Photo by LaCoya Bell.

My third tip would be to make a glitter jar. A glitter jar is just a mason jar is filled with glue, water, glitter and food coloring. I got this idea from a YouTuber who had some great tips for handling anxiety. This is just something that is pretty to look at and aesthetically pleasing. It is a good way to take your mind off the anxious headspace you might have. It’s fun to shake it up and watch the glitter swirl around the jar. My last step would be to write down your thoughts about what you are feeling or going through. I noticed that writing can help calm me down at times. It helps to put your thoughts on paper and clear your head, it’s kind of therapeutic.

Anxiety is a struggle for anyone to deal with. Hopefully these tips will help anyone that is struggling with anxiety. This is serious problem that a lot of people have to deal with every day, it can be a very frustrating. It can be overwhelming at times and hard to find a way to handle it. These tips help me, even though I don’t suffer from it every day, and these might help some of you.


Featured image by LaCoya Bell.

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