SoundCloud’s Over-Saturation of Rappers

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By Isaac Muñoz
Rap Music Journalist

As many people know, the music website SoundCloud is home to many artist that are up-and-coming and will soon take on the music industry in full force. But there is one genre that has taken over SoundCloud undoubtedly – rap. The amount of SoundCloud rappers that are on the website is absolutely ridiculous. I have no problem with people following their dreams and wanting a platform to express themselves but, with so many people pursuing the lyrical dream, the search for good rap artists on the site has become almost similar to finding a pin in a haystack.

The term “SoundCloud rapper” has become a joke at this point and anyone who admits that they are a “SoundCloud rapper” will most likely not be taken seriously. That is not to say that some of the people who are SoundCloud rappers aren’t good but I do feel that most of them aren’t. There is no doubt in my mind, or in the mind anyone who has been around in the last decade, the dream of becoming a rapper and indulging in that life has become highly sought after. So with that being said and with the help of the music website, SoundCloud has become flooded with people pursuing their rap filled dreams. With the ease of just recording in your own house over a beat found on YouTube and uploading it to SoundCloud in minutes, beginner rappers are overflowing the site. These rappers then begin to infiltrate social media and go right into everyone’s DMs and mentions promoting their music.

A close-up of Chance the Rapper performing at Red Rocks.
Chance performing at a concert. Photo via Julio Enriquez on Flickr.

I have hope for anyone pursuing their dreams on the SoundCloud platform. Chance the Rapper is someone who made a name for himself on SoundCloud and other websites like it, such as Datpiff. So, with an icon like him to look up to many of these SoundCloud rappers are trying to follow his footsteps in hopes that they will too make it big. But not every SoundCloud rapper is Chance the Rapper and thus not every SoundCloud rapper will make music as good as Chance the Rapper. These SoundCloud rappers have a mold or blueprint to look at but don’t realize that they need to go down their own path to truly make it in a way that is unique to them.

Furthermore, I want and hope that these SoundCloud rappers that are flooding the internet are taking their music career seriously. Nothing irks me more than seeing someone squander the opportunity to make good music by following the trend of music that is already out and replicating it instead of making something that sounds original. Just because making music has become so easy and accessible to many, that doesn’t mean everyone and their mom should attempt to make it as a rapper in hopes of becoming the next Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, or whatever Lil they choose. SoundCloud is the home of artists who are putting their all into their craft to make timeless music for the masses. SoundCloud is not the home of someone who is trying to become a rapper because they see that rap is popular and that everyone will think they are “cool.”

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