Places to Study Off Campus

Back To School: Places to Study

By Rikki Yanez
Assistant Blog Content Contributor

It’s back to school season and we will be dedicating all our time to studying. Most students that have been here for a year or two are familiar with places that are off campus where they can study. However, for incoming freshman and transfer students finding a place to study, aside from their apartment or dorm, might be hard to find even though it shouldn’t be. For most students attending Texas State they know how busy Alkek Library can be around exam days or just any given day, so I made a list of off campus places where students can get their studying on and that includes wifi (a major essential for college students).

Summer Moon Coffee
Photo 2: moon.PNG Summer Moon Coffee is a great place to get out and go study or do homework since it’s a spacious place that also includes free wifi. Photo by Rikki Yanez.

Most places in San Marcos, Texas that allow students to study are coffee shops. Some of the most popular coffee shops near campus are Tantra, Wake the Dead, Mochas and Javas and Stellar Coffee. Although, those places are really good spots to study since they include free wifi and enough space for people to sit, they do fill up fast since they are popular attractions in this city. So, a couple of alternative coffee spots in the city that you can go to are Buzz Mill (located downtown), Perk Up (off of Wonderworld), Summer Moon Coffee (on LBJ or Thorpe), Cafe on the Square, Starbucks and Teapioca Lounge (on Aquarena). There are other places to study that don’t include coffee such as San Marcos Public Library, and it does include wifi and a printer if you’re ever in need to print out study guides or notes for only .10 cents per page.

There is always the option of doing your school work at your apartment or dorm, however sometimes things can go wrong like having tech problems with your wifi or having your roommates distract you. So, having a variety of options of places to study is always good as a backup plan. I tend to get bored of doing school work on campus or at my apartment, so it’s nice to get out and have a change of scenery during those busy times. It’s sort of like a brain refresher when you go to a new place, especially if the smell of coffee lingers in the air.

Featured illustration by Rikki Yanez.

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