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Distract Myself by The Naked Tungs

By Danielle Ortega
Local Music Journalist

Artist: The Naked Tungs
Album: Distract Myself
Release Date: August 24, 2018

The Naked Tungs are back at it again with their second EP, Distract Myself, which they released only a little over a year after their first EP Hear It Calls. This EP, like the first, only features five tracks; each is so rich with their mystifying psych-rock sound that it only needs those few to fully draw in and satisfy a listener.

Starting out as a cover band from Florida members Sarah Ronan, Hersh Cohen and Cooley Curzel have been together since 2013, but have only been established as their current band The Naked Tungs since February of 2017 after moving to Austin and finding their drummer Riley Corcoran. Despite The Naked Tungs only being fully established a year and a half, their band sounds incredibly put together allowing for each instrument and vocal presented in Distract Myself to compliment each other magnificently. The EP opens up with “Shut It Off,” featuring the vocals of Ronan that somewhat mirror those of Courtney Barnett, giving it a moody punk undertone that makes you want to jump up and down on your bed and dance around your room. All of the tracks feature Ronan as lead vocalist, except track number two – “Warming Up” – where Cohen takes over for a change of pace. The EP then ends with “Making You Guess,” a more toned down song that you can just groove to due to the even paced drums of Corcoran.

Every track on this EP flows very well into the next, making for something you could easily listen to on repeat for a couple of hours if you so pleased.


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