The Bobcat defensive line tackling dummies.

Jeff Howe Talks Texas State Athletics Exposure

By Reily Chestnut
Sports Director

In the hardened world of Texas State fandom, you can find some pretty scrappy characters. I had the great fortune of interacting with another sports writing expert employed up in Austin. But Jeff Howe is more than just a content creator focused on the Texas Longhorns. He’s a former Bobcat who has some frustration to express. Howe, much like other alumni, is baffled by the perceived incompetence of Texas State’s athletic administration.

How can the fifth largest public university in Texas not make a splash for their student athletes and the record student population in general? What isn’t connecting when your athletic programs across the board tend to draw lower numbers in sports like men’s basketball and football? Howe is certainly willing to share what needs to change in order for the Bobcats to start growing their brand. Find out just what he said with one click below.


Video by Alex Gibbs.


Featured image by Alexander Haynes.

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