Stephen A. Clark in a brightly colored pop art style.

Steven A. Clark: Where Neon Goes to Die Album Review

By Cheyenne Young
Music Journalist

Artist: Steven A. Clark
Album: Where Neon Goes to Die
Label: Secretly Canadian
Release Date: September 7, 2018

As someone who doesn’t often venture too far from my usual genres of music, I found myself pleasantly surprised by this album. Steven A. Clark, hasn’t released anything since putting out The Lonely Roller in 2015. Now, he is back on the scene strong with the perfect summer album Where Neon Goes to Die. Typically classified as a pop artist, Clark incorporates multiple genres to make yet another unique album. With hints of R&B as well as some soul, this artist knows how to keep things funky.

Possibly the best song on the album, “Feel This Way” is clearly a fan favorite with its dance-like beat and positive energy. Whether you’re at the club or alone in your room, your feet will be moving and grooving to this track. A slower and more serious song, “War” is one of the more underrated songs on the album. “War” has more of a hand in the air, swaying back and forth type of feeling to it. More lyrically dense than the others, this song describes pitfalls and reflection in a partnership.

Although a majority of the songs seem to be focused on romantic relationships, the last track is a powerful ode to Clark’s mother. With church choir style backing his vocals, Clark sings, “I love you, girl/ ‘Cause you’re my momma and you deserve the world/ ‘Cause you’re my momma.” The slower tempo of the song combined with the single piano hits allows you to feel the power behind his words and incites a great amount of emotion. Being the last track on the album, it leaves you with a lasting impact and an overwhelming desire to go hug your mom.

It was a coincidence that I happened across this album, but I am thrilled that I did. This album has already helped me break out of my music shell and listen to genres I would typically turn a cheek to. As summer comes to a close, this album will stand as a soundtrack to remnants of good, sunny times.

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