A hodgepodge of different faces splashed across the cover in a sort of collage format.

Meantime: Album Review

By Danielle Ortega
Local Music Journalist

Artist: Jibberish
Album: Meantime
Release Date: September 28, 2018
Bandcamp: https://jibberish.bandcamp.com/album/meantime

Jibberish, a local Texas band, has just released their first EP. The EP has five mellow tracks that you can sit back and happily bop along to; it sounds reminiscent of Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s album Seven + Mary. It has some folk undertones, and features some lovely harmonies that give the sound some good depth. If you like Seven + Mary, Jibberish’s EP is probably for you. The three piece indie rock band features: Branson Biri, Justin Heller, and Jack Mitts who all had a part in the writing and performing of Meantime.

“Meantime- Mono Mix” is possibly my favorite song on the EP. It is a slower piece that is very groovy and relaxing; making it the perfect soundtrack to a long road trip through the mountains, a day of coffee or painting with friends. It has a very even-paced guitar that allows for you to play the song–even the album–on repeat for a couple of hours without growing tired of it. Each song on the EP flows well into the next, as they all have a similar feel to them.

Although, I do enjoy this EP quite a lot, I feel that there is a difference in a band having their personal sound, but each song sounds the same on the EP. I would’ve liked a bit more variety and differentiation between each song on the album.

Even further, this band–although good–also sounds a bit too much like every other band out there doing the same thing as them. I feel that Jibberish has a lot of potential, but I fear they might get lost in the wave of all the other bands like them.

In their next release, I would really love to see them delve more into something unique and raw, as I think it could give them the edge that they need to come out on top of other local bands.



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