People walking near a sign that says “ACL Fest”

The Effects of Austin City Limits

By Rikki Yanez
Assistant Web Content Manager

Now that the Austin City Limit (ACL) music festival is over, many people might be experiencing post-concert depression. Post-concert depression is a term used by frequent concert goers who miss the adrenaline and performances he or she experienced during his or her time at a concert or festival.This feeling is an understandable one, especially if it’s an artist you truly enjoy. However, aside from how great concerts or festivals are, have many people wondered about the effects festivals like Austin City Limits has on the community?

An air balloon light that says “Austin City Limits”
There are both pros and cons that come with a big event such as the Austin City Limits. Photo by Hannah Alvarado.

There are many benefits for the community that comes from the Austin City Limits music festivals. This festival brings in people from all parts of Texas to gather at this one event to see many performances by major artists and bands. It’s similar to Coachella, but a bit smaller and in Texas. In addition, the festival brings a lot of attraction to Austin since locals, tourist and media outlets swarm the city. According to Austin Monitor’s website, ACL brought in total of $277.4 million in 2016. So, there is an economical benefit not just for Austin, but other nearby cities that are profiting off ACL. For instance, this festival brings business to local places such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, local shops and so on. ACL creates an experience that most people won’t forget due to their being a diverse lineup, as well as their being an overload of activities to do during this two consecutive three-day weekends. Austin proves that they are the music capital of Texas every year with this music festival.

Although there are pros that come from festivals there are also cons. Big festivals like ACL has major impacts on the the Austin city and the nearby cities.Some might argue that the pros outweigh the cons, however one of the biggest problems the community faces is heavy traffic. Due to their being heavy traffic on and off Interstate 35 it makes going to places like Walmart much more difficult and longer than it should be. In addition, it creates a longer commute for those who work in Austin that live in cities like Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunfels and more. Not only is heavy traffic a problem, but the prices of hotel tend to skyrocket. Most people who travel understand why prices rise when there’s a festival going on, however some people in the community that live in hotels, which effects them financially if the prices don’t fall in their budget.

Overcrowding is another effect that comes with big festivals. When you go into places like restaurants, grocery stores or shopping malls around this time you may notice how places can be overcrowded. Most cities in the Austin area are college town, which means those towns are already busy as it is, thus events like ACL only make it worse. With big events like ACL there’s bound to be are much more problems.

In conclusion, the city of Austin and local cities are aware of the pros and cons that come from this event. Austin is working to fix problems such as traffic and littering by setting up scooters all over the city which makes getting from place to place so much easier and fun. Austin City Limits also partners up with Austin Parks Foundation’s program Rock and Recycle. This program works to assisting festivals go green and encourage festival goers to recycle.

Featured Image by Hannah Alvarado.

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