Zodiac Signs and Their Elements: A Playlist

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By Danielle Ortega
Local Music Journalist

I’ve recently been thinking quite a bit about the zodiac signs, as I have heaps of friends who are very into them, and are constantly telling me about how me being an aries (along with all of my other signs) affects me. I began to research into Zodiac signs and discovered that each sign is tied with an element, and that signs with the same element have a lot of similarities in their dispositions. I’ve decided to make a playlist for each of the four elements, and their signs, as well as write a little bit about the elements characteristics.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs are incredibly passionate, driven by their gut, and spontaneous. They can be viewed as reckless, and impulsive, but this is simply because they are so driven by their intuition and enthusiasm. A fire sign is a great addition to any party, as they are so vibrant and full of life. This playlist is meant to capture the firey and lively disposition of these signs.

Air: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Air signs are wildly intelligent and look at life from an analytical standpoint. They are highly idealistic, so they can appear out of touch with the world, but this is simply because so many ideas and plans are constantly running through their head. Air signs bring about a lot of interesting and new perspectives, and are very helpful and necessary in creative fields of work and life. This playlist is meant to capture their abstract modes of thinking.

Earth: Taurus,Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs are very reliable and responsible. Out of all of the elements they are the most grounded, and often are the most put together. They are the friends that you can always trust to show up, and to be focused on whatever it is that they’re doing. Earth signs can also be described as very sensual, as they rely heavily on their five senses to admire and understand life. This playlist is meant to capture their cool, and deeply rooted nature.

Water: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Water signs are dreamy eyed, artistic types, who are very in touch with their emotions and the feeling aspects of the world. Not only are they aware of themselves, but they are typically highly empathetic and are able to be in tune with the emotions of those around them. They are incredibly caring, and are amazing friends to keep around. This playlist is meant to capture the tender and sweet disposition of the water signs.

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Featured Image by Danielle Ortega.

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