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Will Yandhi Ever be released?

Gio Gilmore
Music Journalist

What do you get when you combine Mahatma Gandhi and Kanye West? You get the much-anticipated album from West called Yandhi. If ever released, Yandhi will be West’s ninth solo studio album. The album’s name comes from West’s comparison of himself to historically important figures. Take, for example, his album Yeezus where West made comparisons of himself and Jesus Christ.

Yandhi was first announced back in September of 2018. West made the announcement through Twitter with a screenshotted text reading “Yandhi 9 29 18”. This meaning that the new album would be released the same day as his performance for the premiere of Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) new season. Many fans of Yeezus were thrilled to hear that West was going to have three albums out before the end of the year (the albums Ye and Kids See Ghosts were released earlier in the year). Before the supposed released date, a trailer for Yandhi was posted to West’s social media page which included a snippet of a song that might pop up on the album called “80 Degrees”. After the world viewed the trailer, fans had mixed reviews but, for the most part, the anticipation grew.

On the day of the SNL premiere, West did give a performance including one unreleased song, possibly an unreleased from his label mate’s (Teyana Taylor) album, but no new album was out. After the performance, his counterpart Kim Kardashian West posted to social media that Yandhi would finally be out in late in November. During the lead up to the new release date for Yandhi, West performed at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival with Kid Cudi as their super-duo group for the first time live, Kids See Ghosts. After the carnival, West tweeted out that the performance had changed his mind about how done the album Yandhi was at that point.

Since the announcement of the prospective album, there have been many rumors about who the album will feature including big names such as Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, posthumous vocals from XXXtentacion and more. There are rumors popping up throughout Twitter and other social media platforms about when Yandhi will be dropped. Some rumors claim that it will drop on the anniversary of Gandhi’s death, and others rumor dates for the album to come out. Hopefully, before the halfway mark of the year, Yandhi or one of West’s rumored albums will be released.

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