A Fragile Tomorrow’s upcoming album cover is decorated by a intricate geometric figure colored with bright neon blues, greens, and reds.

A Fragile Tomorrow: Generation Loss Album Review

By Chantal Green
Music Journalist

Artist: A Fragile Tomorrow
Album: Generation Loss
Release Date: Feb. 22, 2019
Label: MPRESS Records
Website: http://afragiletomorrow.com

A Fragile Tomorrow’s sophomore album with MPress Records is a testament to the present social climate. The album, Generation Loss, experiments with motifs of reinvention and political activism in response to current issues in the world today. The four bandmates, composed of the three Kelly brothers (Brendan, Sean, and Dominic) and bassist/friend Shaun Rhoades, created a spirited psychedelic pop album containing gorgeous vocal harmonies and a synthy wonderland that feels good to the ear.

The album embraces themes of loss, redefinition, and regeneration. Dedicated to the Kelly brothers’ late mother who passed away after a battle with cancer, the listener can hear the loss in the lyrics, which are written by mainly Sean and Brendan Kelly. The band has been trying to implement a couple of major genre and instrumental switches—one of the most paramount being changing their sound to become more in line with their ever-changing tastes and interests. In their live EP and earlier albums, they focused more on guitar technique rather than the catchy rhythms that are becoming more their style. I have to say, it definitely suits them.

The album begins with the groups July single “Dig Me Out,” a piece marking the creation of A Fragile Tomorrow’s new vision and style. Starting with smooth vocals and harsh guitar sections, the song is an overall edgy beginning to the album’s adventure. With vocals as lovely as A Fragile Tomorrow’s, it has become hard to not keep them playing every hour of my day. In addition, the band released a performative and narrative music video for the single.

A Fragile Tomorrow’s “Dig Me Out” Official Video.

The second song on the album, “Generation Loss,” really hits the nail on the head of one of the album’s overarching themes— redefining themselves in the mayhem and confusion that is the U.S. during this difficult and rather separating time. Using Krautrock-influenced guitar and drum machine, the band forged a rich argument against the older generation, basically telling them they had it easy when they were younger. “Gun Shy” has to be one of my favorite songs on this album; the bandmates threw all their thoughts on the table and really let American elitist groups have it. The themes include police brutality, activism and overall awareness of privilege found in the different American communities today. Moving to my absolute top pick from this indie-pop album, “I See My Son” has me falling in love with this band’s use of guitar and drum/timpani. The sweet and slow beat of this number has me in complete bliss.

The band is currently on their U.S. tour around the East Coast. Follow their social media handle on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with A Fragile Tomorrow and watch out for their album drop on Feb. 22, 2019.

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