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I Took a Love Language Test, and Here’s What I Learned

By Anna Valdez
Web Content Contributor

A couple weekends ago, a friend introduced me to the 5 Love Languages. With Valentine’s Day right upon us, I thought it would be fitting to share what I learned from this interesting experience and how you can discover your own love language (or if you just enjoy taking fun quizzes like me, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one!).

The 5 Love Languages assessment, also known as the Love Language Profile for Singles, is a free test that measures a person’s expression of love based on the answers they choose. Note that you are required to fill out certain contact information prior to beginning the test. Once this information has been filled out, you are given a series of incomplete sentences and two phrases to choose from (which are labeled A and B). Here’s an example of what you can expect on the assessment:

It’s more meaningful to me when…

A. someone I love puts their arm around me in public
B. someone I love surprises me with a gift

By the end of the assessment, your results will be sent to the email you provided on the contact information section. Here you will find your results broken down into five categories accompanied by a score (the highest being 12) in order to give you a basic understanding of your love language. Whether your responses apply to friendships or romantic interests, the assessment aims to provide a brief insight into how we express and receive love in order to improve our relationship with others.

The email includes a breakdown of how to interpret and apply your profile score in your relationships. The highest score indicates your primary love language. For instance, my categories and scores were listed as follows: Acts of Service (8), Words of Affirmation (8), Quality Time (6), Physical Touch (5) and Receiving Gifts (3). This means that Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation are tied for my primary love language, which is the language I use to communicate my love for others the most.

This distribution of scores is common, however, the site notes that one language tends to have a slight edge for most people. The lowest score indicates the language(s) you seldom use to communicate love and the languages that don’t affect you as much emotionally.

Acts of Service was my highest scoring love language (tied with Words of Affirmation). This means receiving help in everyday tasks is total *heart eyes* for me. Similarly, words of affirmation are a key factor in helping me feel appreciated and encouraged. I scored highest in these two languages because I appreciate a kind word or receiving help from others, especially when they are under no obligation to do either.

As much as I recognize the thoughtfulness behind a gift, Receiving Gifts is the love language I scored the lowest in. Based on my results, it could be that there are certain connections that a material item cannot match when it comes to developing a friendship or a relationship.

Whether or not you find your results accurate or choose to apply them to your life is completely up to you. The 5 Love Languages assessment was a fascinating way for me to better understand the ways in which love can be communicated. If there’s anything else I learned from taking this assessment, it’s that we should strive to share as much love with the world as we can. Life is too short not to.

Featured image by Anna Valdez.

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