Teal-colored Veoride bikes stands with its kickstand out on a side walk

Veoride Adds Electric Bikes to Fleet

By Ashley Bowerman
Assistant News Director

The bike-share program Veoride has expanded their fleet by adding 150 electric assist bikes to Texas State University and the city of San Marcos.

The teal-colored bikes will be available for use through the same Veoride app that gives riders access to the pedal bikes. It costs one dollar to unlock the e-bike and 15 cents a minute to ride. The bikes front-drive motor can assist riders in pedaling up to 18 miles-per-hour, and the motor can run up to 68 miles on a single charge.

A row of bikes lined up alongside the Veoride warehouse. Bikes are covered in shipping packaging.
New teal-colored electric Veoride bikes are lined up and unpackaged prior to hitting the streets. Photo courtesy of Hunter Bunter, a Veoride employee.

Matt Briggs, Veoride Texas General Manager, said, “Folks might be intimidated by taking a pedal bike if they hadn’t ridden since they were a kid, but with the electric assist bikes, that now becomes an easier option for just about everyone.”

The bike-share program launched last September by distributing 350 pedal bikes throughout the city. Just like the pedal bikes, the new e-bikes can be ridden and parked in appropriate locations designated by the app.

Veoride is holding a launch event in the quad on the Texas State campus today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to announce the release of the new e-bikes. A community bike ride will follow the event to celebrate the companies official launch.

Featured image courtesy of Hunter Bunter, a Veoride employee.

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