a piece of paper outside that reads "Texas State House of Reps"

Erin Zwiener Holds Town Hall

By Gene Brown
Junior News Reporter

Texas State House Representative Erin Zwiener spoke a town hall meeting Thursday night in the LBJ student center. Zwiener addressed the legislative bill updates she had been working on. Many of the topics included school district funding, LGBTQIA protection laws, and a bill to aid in Campus wide voting.

Zwiener hopes to have bills passed where college students have more access to voting polls and have Student Ids be accepted as valid identification. Zwiener stresses that voting is important for all students.

“It’s your future and your voice you have a say in what happens in the United States, in Texas, in San Marcos,” Zwiener said. “You should use that vote to help shape that future.”

School district funding was also a topic of discussion where Zwiener touched on how she is trying to improve how school districts get their funding and where the money comes from.

Another topic Zwiener focused on were bills she proposed for the protection of LGBTQIA citizens. Zweiner mentioned how there is no law in Texas protecting LGBTQIA citizens from being fired for their sexual orientation. Zwiener hopes to change that by proposing bills that would prohibit such from the work place.

The bills have only been proposed but she says she’s hopeful on improving and protecting the Hays and Blanco counties.

Featured image by Gene Brown.

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