The album cover is a close-up photo of a young girl halfway submerged in the water with her head above the surface. Her eyes are closed and she has long hair and freckles.

Leem of Earth: Chapter Two Album Review

By Lesly Milan
Music Journalist

Artist: Leem of Earth
Album: Chapter Two
Release Date: Feb. 8, 2019

If you’re looking for the perfect music to listen to on a rainy day, Leem of Earth is sure to deliver. After releasing their first EP, Chapter One, in 2018, the Florida band recently released Chapter Two of this soon-to-be trilogy. Although the release dates are a few months apart, the incredible music makes it worth the wait.

Consisting of only three songs, Chapter Two rings in at almost 19 minutes. The songs, “Water,” “Faithful Lights” and “Only So Many Ways,” range from five to eight minutes each, making them slightly lengthier than the average song. Though the album is not very long, these three songs are of superb quality and are a friendly reminder of why music is so great.

After listening to the album for the first time, I would say that Leem of Earth is one of the bands that does not solely focus on instrumentals, but also puts a lot of thought into their lyrics. Their lyrical style tells a creative story in each song. In the song “Water,” the lyrics depict someone’s encounter with a skeleton. It often references nature and is filled with descriptive personification that can make you feel very nostalgic. These are definitely not the quintessential lyrics that you hear in most music, but they are what make Leem of Earth’s music so special and distinct.

In “Faithful Lights,” the second song on Chapter Two, a sense of tranquility will overcome whoever is listening. This song tells a story about the sun and the moon while the gentle sound of a piano plays in the background. Just when you think the song can’t get any better, the lead singer’s beautiful soft voice adds a final hint of emotion that brings the song together. For the last few seconds of the song, instrumentals with faint words and sounds finish off this calming song and prove exactly why this song made it onto the album.

Lastly, “Only So Many Ways” is the final song on Chapter Two and my personal favorite. This song in its entirety resembles many of Flyleaf’s songs. The music is slightly faster and less mellow, but the singing keeps it grounded. This song also includes small segments that focus on the sound of the electric guitar, which gives Leem of Earth’s music the grunge sound that they are going for.

As someone who does not necessarily like slow and calm music, Leem of Earth’s Chapter Two completely changed my opinion. They transformed slower-paced music and made it enjoyable for someone like me. It is exciting to know that they still have one more album coming out in the near future to complete their trilogy. If Chapter Three turns out to be anything like Chapter Two, then we are in for another round of great music!

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