Myers stares deeply as if she’s was watching who ever happens to be looking at the cover. She has a short bowl cut with a fading yellow shadow of herself on her side.

Meg Myers: Take Me to the Disco Album Review

By Timia Cobb
Music Journalist

Artist: Meg Myers
Album: Take Me to the Disco
Release Date: July 20, 2018

Meg Myers has to be one of the most underappreciated alternative rock artists today. She has been around long enough to release two EPs: Daughter in the Choir in 2012, Make a Shadow in 2014, as well as her first album Sorry in 2015. Her second album, Take Me to the Disco, came out this last summer and is a masterpiece. Myers allows her struggles in life to be heard and seen when she performs. Take Me to the Disco is 46 minutes of pure craziness, sadness and pain presented by a angelic voice.

This album consists of 12 songs each carrying their own story and a range of emotions from Myers. Myers is someone who has struggled with not being able to release how she actually felt. She was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness in Tennessee, but at 19 she decided to chase her music career. Take Me to the Disco, is her way of being able to face the feeling of wanting to escape and finally being able to heal herself.

Her song “Numb” is an example of her finally dealing with her problems and doing better for herself. The song was inspired by her last label, Atlantic Records, who wanted to release more of her singles, but never an album. In “Numb” she sings, “I’m in your custody, but I’m not a criminal, I can be your next big thing, look at what I’ve become.” I respect Myers because she truly shows who she is in her music. Myers soon left Atlantic Records and signed to 300 Entertainment.

My favorite song from the album is “Jealous Sea.” Myers has a voice that sounds innocent, however, the lyrics she writes and how she sings them are sensual; it’s as if she she’s trying to seduce whoever’s listening. You can hear the desperation and need in her voice, which makes her hypnotizing. In the chorus of “Jealous Sea,” she sings, “I want you to tell me what to do, I want you to tell me what you need, when you look at me like you do, don’t leave, I just can’t get enough.” How she sings these lyrics is beautiful– it’s as if her needs influences anyone who’s listening to feel the same way. Her voice is so powerful it makes you feel exactly how she wants you to.

The last song on the album, “Constant,” is beautiful enough to make you cry. To know her backstory, and how far she has come from screaming about loss, makes me happy this song exists. “Constant” isn’t what most would call a happy ending, but it shows growth and that Myers is dealing with demons. She’s singing about how she feels. Each song on this album is sung in a way that makes you think she’s looking or wanting something. This last song to me is just her being able to cope with her past and understanding why she feels the way she does.

Take Me to the Disco is an emotionally captivating album that deserves to be heard. Meg Myers is a genuine artist that knows how to control what she wants her listeners to hear. You can’t just listen to this album, her voice will make you feel every ounce of emotion that went into making each song and that’s what makes her worth it.

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