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The Minority Conservative

By Timia Cobb
Web Content Contributor

There has always been a racial divide when voting no matter if people see it or not. The Democratic party is known to rely greatly on the racial minority vote, just this past year in Texas 90 percent of African-Americans and 69 percent of Hispanics voted Democratic in the senate elections for Beto O’Rourke. 

In 2018, Blexit & Lexit (the black & Latino exit) was established as a voice for black and Latino conservatives who don’t agree with the political views of the majority of their race. Blexit & Lexit have gained more members since their establishment and it makes me wonder, what makes a member of a minority become a conservative?

In minority communities politics have been argued to be more than a way of thinking, but can actually affect the way that minorities live. Knowing this could be true, how does a minority go against this and vote Republican and, in turn, identify as a conservative? How do others view them when they break away from an ideology that is considered the status quo?

I attended a Young Conservatives meeting at Texas State to hear from some of the members on what it’s like to be a minority member who proudly supports conservatives views.  

“I think minorities are being used and abused by the democratic party,” a member of the young conservative organization, Joventino Villa Jr. said. “They’re being feed this lie of vote for us and we’ll help you, we’re for you. I enjoy President Trump, I enjoy the fact that he is actually cutting the regulations, putting the American people first and mainly for what he’s doing for veterans because I’m a veteran myself.”

After doing research on why some minorities become conservative, I started to see a trend of them saying the same thing as Villa. 

The topic of not all conservatives being Republican came up multiple times over the course of my interviews. The United States have had presidents, such as John F. Kennedy, who were Democratic but identified as conservative.

“People automatically have the assumption that being conservative you’re a Republican, there are Democratic conservatives and liberal conservatives,” Villa said. “I do have to be both a conservative and a Republican, but I’m heavy Republican on somethings and a little liberal on other things.”

Texas is known to be a Republican state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic senator since 1988 when Lloyd Bentsen was elected. Since then, the state has always been a red-state and some Texans are very proud of that. Politics have such an everyday influence on Texan culture that it has become hard to not have conversations about it, especially on college campuses.

Students are speaking up about politics. Because of this we shouldn’t belittle the thought that minority conservatives exist. I am not protecting or agreeing with them, but I do believe that the only way to truly understand someone’s beliefs is by listening to them. If that person’s views aren’t factual, educate them politely.

Our country is growing more and more apart because of political views. We need to understand that not everyone is going to think the same way. We will never have to agree on how others think, but at least we can try to understand why.

Featured image by Gabrielle Hardy.

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