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By Caden Ziegler
Web Content Contributor

It’s safe to say that most people love a movie from Disney Studios, or a least a movie that is owned by the massive conglomerate of Disney. The company that was formed in 1923 has stolen the hearts of many children and adults across the globe; you can’t swing a cat without hitting a “Frozen,” “Moana,” or “Snow White” piece of merchandise. It seems like every year there is a new movie that captures our attention, and there are a few movies coming out in the next few years that I am excited– nay, THRILLED– for.

Let’s talk about “Frozen 2.” The first one was amazing with all the songs; for a few months after its release I would be humming “Let it Go” to myself. That being said, this movie is some next level stuff. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then first of all, what are you doing with your life? Second, click on this right now and get ready to be blown away. I mean, that water animation at the beginning? It has to be the best I’ve seen. When Elsa puts her hair back in a ponytail, you know that she’s about to get down to business. There aren’t any words for the trailer, but the animation shows it all: Olaf and Elsa surrounded by a fiery purple flame, a massive Kristoff riding with a herd of reindeer, and Anna grabbing a sword and slicing up some unlucky creature. Who knew the Queen and Princess of Arendelle would grow up to be such badasses?

Tim Burton has brought some amazing films to the table, such as “The Corpse Bride” and “Beetlejuice,” but I am extremely pumped up for the live action “Dumbo” film coming out this march. How can you resist a baby elephant with gigantic ears that can make him fly? The trailer already showed that it’s going to pull at some heart strings, so I am going to the theater with tissues and chocolate in hand. The colors and scenery in the movie look fantastic, and you just know Tim Burton is going to find a way to make it just the right amount of creepy.

There’s one movie idea that is still unclear as to whether or not it will hit the screen, and that movie is “Cruella.” Here, we would learn the backstory of Cruella de Ville and find out what turned her into a dog-murdering, fashion loving, awful person. There are talks that Emma Stone would play the lead role, and honestly? I’m here for it. The best villains are the ones that you love to hate, and Cruella has always been one of those for me. Fingers crossed, this picks up and we get to see this come to life.

Now, there are also some movies that I’m not so excited for, and in my opinion don’t deserve a paragraph, so here they are:

“Toy Story 4″ – While this franchise is absolutely beloved by many, including myself, I can’t say I am extremely excited for the new movie. It will be great to see Buzz and Woody again; however, I think the ending of “Toy Story 3” was a fantastic way to conclude the series. I’m also questioning the new addition to the gang. Don’t hate me, but a fork isn’t a toy. Next.

Another Indiana Jones Movie – Indiana Jones was born in 1899, according to the movies, and this film is projected to take place in the late 1960’s. This makes Jones about 70, just a few years behind Henry Ford, the actor that plays him. I’m honestly just upset that Ford would make another Jones movie after the last one bombed, yet he refused to make another Star Wars. For shame.

“Penguins” – They always let at least one penguin die and it pisses me off. No thanks, I already have enough to cry about with “Dumbo.”

“Aladdin” – This is a tricky one. I am actually really excited about it; we have a diverse cast and it’s going to have some great cinematography and music. But – there’s always a but– I don’t know how I feel about Will Smith as the genie. Hopefully my doubts dissipate when the movie comes out, but for now I’m skeptical. On the bright side, Jafar is hot, and that’s the tea.

Keep an eye out for these movies coming up in the next few months, and there are plenty more worth mentioning coming out in a few years.

Illustration by Caden Ziegler.

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