Green arms with claws hold onto the bars of a cell. Yellow glowing eyes are in shadow.

Goblins of Wrath: The Perfect Trap

By Jon-Paul Kasper

Goblins of Wrath is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast in which three adventurers make their way through a fantastical world in which the choices of the players drive the development of both the story and the world itself. Will they become heroes of the land or will they become the villains that everyone fears? Find out as the host, and Dungeon Master, Jon-Paul Kasper narrates the adventures of Iris Gonzalez, Riley Griffin, and William Wadsworth as they make their mark in this world of fantasy and magic!

In this third episode of Goblins of Wrath, Poppy, Ander, and Mjorgrim awake from their rest and make their way toward the capital. Along their way their cart is ambushed by a band of assassins looking for blood. The party is in the midst of the fight and are starting to realize that they may not make it. Will the party survive the attack? Will their prisoner survive? Listen in and find out on this episode of Goblins of Wrath.

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