Texas State Softball on defense against UTSA with several Texas State players on the field in position.

Texas State Softball Comes Back to Win in a Thriller Against I-35 Rival UTSA

By Cristian Delgado
Sport Reporter

It was a beautiful, sunny day for some I-35 softball rivalry as the Texas State Bobcats faced off against the UTSA Roadrunners in San Antonio. The Bobcats looked to bounce back in this one after a split series with Appalachian State. The ‘Cats started slow but came back against the Roadrunners in a spectacular seventh inning with a final score of 8-6.

Sophomore infielder Tara Oltmann got the offense rolling with a single up the middle in the top of the first inning with junior infielder Hailey MacKay following afterward with a double up the middle, allowing Tara Oltmann to score. With the early lead of 1-0, the Bobcats looked to transfer the momentum on the defensive side.

Texas State’s defense shined tonight as sophomore pitcher Meagan King allowed only eight hits throughout the whole game. The defense had some issues in the third inning as Texas State allowed three runs by the Roadrunners off of two hits as UTSA’s senior outfielder, Bailee Baldwin, homered to the right-field allowing two runners on base to score, making the score 3-1 with UTSA leading. The Bobcats quickly regain their composure and exchanged runs with UTSA in the fourth and fifth innings, making the score 4-2 with UTSA leading into the sixth inning.

The Bobcats have a history of clutching late in games and the final two innings were no exception, and they only allowed three hits to stall the Roadrunner’s offense, allowing the Texas State offense to have an explosive seventh inning.

Texas State started the top of the sixth inning with senior outfielder Mari Cranek hitting a single up the middle and junior outfielder Christiana McDowell following with another single up the middle. Junior infielder Bailee Carter reached on an error, allowing Christiana McDowell to advance to third and Mari Cranek to score a run to cut the lead closer. Junior infielder Hailey MacKay came to bat and made another single up the middle to allow Christiana McDowell to score a run. Sophomore infielder ArieAnn Bell quickly came to bat, but flew out to centerfield as Bailee Carter took the opportunity to run from third base to score once again for the Bobcats to regain the lead 5-4.

With the bases loaded in the top of the seventh, freshman pitcher Cassie Valdez came to bat in a critical moment of the game with the Bobcats up by one and doubles to left center, allowing two runs to give the Bobcats a comfortable 7-4 lead in the seventh inning. Texas State wasn’t done just yet as senior outfielder Kennedy Cline grounded out to the pitcher, allowing freshman catcher Caitlyn Rogers to score the final run of the night for Texas State, ending with a final score of 8-4 and putting another check in the win column for the Bobcats.

The Texas State Bobcats increase their overall record to 21-17 after tonight’s win. Be sure to catch the Bobcats this weekend as they face off against Coastal Carolina in a three-day weekend series with the first matchup this Friday, April 12 at 3 p.m. at South Carolina.

Featured image by Cristian Delgado.

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