A girl with an oversized sweater and a warm mug with headphones and a microphone.

Y’all Take Care: Some Work, Some Play

By Hannah Wisterman
Podcast Producer

Welcome to Y’all Take Care, a KTSW podcast series about self care and mental health. We all know we need to take good care of ourselves, especially when we all lead such stressful lives, but there’s a whole world of options and information out there. Y’all Take Care guides you through the choices and gives you some guidelines from a self care veteran and advocate–me!

This episode, Anne Cox and I talk about the millennial curse of overwork and burnout. Why are we obsessed with being the best? How do you set boundaries with your employer? What does it mean to relax and have fun? What tabletop role playing game am I inordinately obsessed with? As always, join us for some important talk, good jokes, and deep breaths.

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